About Me

Hi there

I'm 50 year old crafty lady who is obsessed with crafting of all different kinds including paper crafting and anything wool based.  But more recently I have started to experiment with my own artwork including drawing and painting after becoming a member of a local art group.

I am loving the freedom that I now have and love learning all about the different forms of painting mediums and exploring my own style.


I suppose you could say that I've always crafted, ever since being a little girl and sitting with my safety scissors and cutting out pictures from catalogues to make into scrap books.

My mum has always encouraged me to be crafty throughout my life and I come from a crafting family where my nana was always knitting and crocheting and my mum started out her crafting career with a stint at Art College.

I can now be found in my spare time sitting in my pink and green craft room at my lovely desk either cutting or glueing or glittering something pretty or with a crochet hook or a pair of knitting needles in my hands and now a paintbrush or a pencil.

In the summer months I can often be found crafting outside in the garden where I can be found dabbling in the art of yarn dyeing or riding my bike around where I can take a well earned rest on a bench in the park and doing some crochet.

I'll be reopening my website very soon with brand new items but in the meantime I am crafting  for pleasure and love and family, friends and myself.

I'm an avid traveller and love going on holiday and have fur babies that take up my time too. I can often be found knitting or crocheting on holiday too...  even on the beach in sunnier and warmer climes.