Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Wednesday WIPs

Hello everyone 

So a few weeks ago I bought some hand dyed minis from Cuddlebums Yarns and I've now started a sock. I'm going to use the plain colours for the toes and heels and cuff but the rest of them I'm just picking out randomly from the bag. I've started the first sock with a lovely purple yarn and it's knitting like a dream on my Hiya Hiya sharp 9" circular needles. I've knit lots of socks in the past and find that if I use double pointed needles I end up with a ladder running down one side no matter how often I twirled the stitches around or pull tighter. Mini circulars are the way forward for me.... No ladders here !!!  I've also done something new to me this time as well.... Toe up with a provisional cast on !!!!  It worked first time as well. I did a bit of research on good old Google and You Tube beforehand though and now I'm wondering why I ever knit them cuff down. 

The mini skeins are waiting for me to roll them into mini balls but in the meantime I'm letting them snuggle in their skeins in my lovely little Japanese knot bag I spoke about on an earlier blog post. 

I've researched an afterthought heel as well and I'm going to give it a go. Well it's a time for learning so I may as well go with the flow. Watch this space for further updates. 

Take care 
Tanya xx 

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