Sunday, 17 June 2018

The Second Meeting Of The Dropped Stitchers (or...The Day Bob Learned To Knit)

Hello everyone

It’s been another busy day in my life. First up a volunteer shift at a place I love so much and then off to Hobbycraft Deepdale Preston for the second meet up of The Dropped Stitchers. And what a turn out it was. Eleven people joined us throughout the 3 hours...some for an hour or two and done all three. 

It was brilliant fun. And so lovely to meet new people and others from a fortnight ago but my day was definitely made by teaching Bob (staff member) how to knit. 
He learned how to cast on and do the knit stitch whilst laughing and telling us stories about gigantic sausage rolls 

He’s a definite star in the making. Here he is super proud of his first few rows. 

Lots of concentration going on here ( with A Bob bomb happening in the background ha ha ha) 

Elaine and Joanne in Crochet and knitting mode with a top and jumper in the making 

Then two more people came and learned how to crochet a granny square. Big thumbs up to Ahmed who has gone home with his girlfriend all ready to practice his granny square stitches with his new hook he has on order. I do love how men are embracing the craft at the mo. 

Can’t wait till our next meet up on the 1st July. 

I’ll be back in Wednesday with more WIP update. 

Take care

Tanya xx 

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