Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Thursday Treats

Hi everyone 

The weather has been glorious again today so I took the opportunity to photograph my new book and pattern stash in our garden. 

I’ve looked at these mini books from Scheepjes for a while now and so took the plunge and ordered ‘Dutch Masters’ and ‘Tropical’ 

There’s some amazing blanket patterns in the ‘Tropical’ book 

And also in the ‘Dutch Masters’ one 

Along with these really ingenious sleeved scarves, both knitted and crocheted. 

I also got the After Party Honey Bee blanket pattern as I just love the Scheepjes Stone Washed yarn 

Now I’ve got more things on my To Do List 

I’ve not got anything finished to share with you tomorrow so I’ll probably be back here on Sunday or Wednesday with my next post. 

It’s the Dropped Stitchers meeting on Sunday at Hobbycraft Preston from 1 till 4 if you fancy popping along. 

Take care

Tanya xx 

Wednesday Work Basket WIPs

Wow these Wednesdays come round quick. Blink and it’s Wednesday again. 
Hope you've been enjoying the sun. I've been out and about on my bike and also been running when it's been cooler at night. 

Now what's been keeping me busy in my basket this week.....

Well my first sock of the pair is looking good. I've added my marker (green yarn) for when the heel will go and will do both socks before I work on them. I'm a convert to toe up,socks and just knitting a tube. It certainly speeds up my way of knitting and ill be doing them all like this now. 

Work continues on my water garden blanket 

And this is a bit of an experiment for a friend of my mum and dad's. I've never used cotton as fine as this to crochet with or a 1.5mm hook 

And this cuteness will become a Call The Midwife blanket for a friend to gift to her friend. 

That's all for now. 
Take care 
Tanya xx 

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Friday Finish Off


I’m so excited about this blog post as I’ve been working on and off on this project since the middle of January for a special person... Samantha’s Dad, William. 

Christmas last year I gave Samantha a blanket called Tea On The Green that I’d spent time making from July till November.  Her dad fell in love with it and asked if he could have one for himself in ‘manly’ colours. So I set upon choosing a colour selection and Stylecraft double knit suited the briefing perfectly. 

Now like Sam’s blanket, William’s blanket travelled everywhere with me including my holiday in May just like Sam’s did last September. I kep Samantha up to date on progress all the way through knowing how much William was waiting for it. He’d been talking about this blanket for months so I knew it just had to be perfect for him. And voila at 3pm yesterday it was completed and off I trotted to my local park for a photo shoot, just like I did with Sam’s. 

Here are some photos. 

The flowers and leaves were crocheted from patterns in various books and then stitched on separately. I even found a pattern for Sweet Williams, just for that extra touch of love.  

And personalised it with his name on the bottom panel. 

I have loved every stitch of this blanket and know that it’s going to a very good home and will be loved and cherished too. 

I wish I was a fly on the wall when Samantha gives her dad it but I’ve been promised a photograph. 

Take care 
Tanya xx 

Thursday Treat

Hello everyone 

So last week I ordered this yarn called 'floof' by Dye Candy (she's got a Facebook page and a website)  and its arrived and it's even better than I had imagined. It's so soft and such bright colours 

And it's called Winter Run. 

I'm not sure how I'm going to use it yet.... Double stranded or mixed with a plain coloured or even white fingering (4ply yarn) but I do know it's going to be used to make a Christmas present so watch this space for what I decide to do. 

Take care
Tanya xx 

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Wednesday WIPs

Hello everyone 

So a few weeks ago I bought some hand dyed minis from Cuddlebums Yarns and I've now started a sock. I'm going to use the plain colours for the toes and heels and cuff but the rest of them I'm just picking out randomly from the bag. I've started the first sock with a lovely purple yarn and it's knitting like a dream on my Hiya Hiya sharp 9" circular needles. I've knit lots of socks in the past and find that if I use double pointed needles I end up with a ladder running down one side no matter how often I twirled the stitches around or pull tighter. Mini circulars are the way forward for me.... No ladders here !!!  I've also done something new to me this time as well.... Toe up with a provisional cast on !!!!  It worked first time as well. I did a bit of research on good old Google and You Tube beforehand though and now I'm wondering why I ever knit them cuff down. 

The mini skeins are waiting for me to roll them into mini balls but in the meantime I'm letting them snuggle in their skeins in my lovely little Japanese knot bag I spoke about on an earlier blog post. 

I've researched an afterthought heel as well and I'm going to give it a go. Well it's a time for learning so I may as well go with the flow. Watch this space for further updates. 

Take care 
Tanya xx 

Sunday, 17 June 2018

The Second Meeting Of The Dropped Stitchers (or...The Day Bob Learned To Knit)

Hello everyone

It’s been another busy day in my life. First up a volunteer shift at a place I love so much and then off to Hobbycraft Deepdale Preston for the second meet up of The Dropped Stitchers. And what a turn out it was. Eleven people joined us throughout the 3 hours...some for an hour or two and done all three. 

It was brilliant fun. And so lovely to meet new people and others from a fortnight ago but my day was definitely made by teaching Bob (staff member) how to knit. 
He learned how to cast on and do the knit stitch whilst laughing and telling us stories about gigantic sausage rolls 

He’s a definite star in the making. Here he is super proud of his first few rows. 

Lots of concentration going on here ( with A Bob bomb happening in the background ha ha ha) 

Elaine and Joanne in Crochet and knitting mode with a top and jumper in the making 

Then two more people came and learned how to crochet a granny square. Big thumbs up to Ahmed who has gone home with his girlfriend all ready to practice his granny square stitches with his new hook he has on order. I do love how men are embracing the craft at the mo. 

Can’t wait till our next meet up on the 1st July. 

I’ll be back in Wednesday with more WIP update. 

Take care

Tanya xx 

Friday, 15 June 2018

Friday Finish Off

So hello everyone 

Back last year I started making a top for my mum and I finished it off on holiday last month except for sewing it up and adding ribbons. I used this pattern. and used the Caron Simply Soft yarn too. I made it extra long so Mum can wear it over leggings. It’s soooo pretty that I might make one for myself to wear over a bikini. 

Here’s some close ups of the mesh 

And the pattern at the bottom 

I really enjoyed making it. Had it finished in no time as well so a quick make. I’ve got yarn left over so might just do another one for me by buying just one more ball. Any excuse!!!

Bye for now
Take care
Tanya xx 

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Thursday Treat

Hi everyone 

So each Thursday (if I’ve bought anything craft related) I’m going to blog about it and this week I’d like to share with you this ohhhhh soooooo pretty hand dyed yarn kit that I bought off Etsy. I’d seen it in a Crochet magazine and thought it looked so pretty I couldn’t resist it. I had to wait a few weeks while it was dyed, but it was absolutely worth the wait. 

The yarn colourway is called ‘Dolphin Shore’ and is soooo perfect for me as I love everything water based especially dolphins and the sea.  Look at those beautiful colours and shades. And the hook and stitch markers and the tea bag and biscuit 🍪 are right up my street too. I’m not going to start it just yet until I finish one or two WIPs off but I think I’ll take it on holiday with me. It’ll be perfect beach company in Alcudia !!!! 

You can get your kit here 

That’s all for now. 

Take care 

Tanya xx 

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Wednesday Work In Progress

Hi everyone 

Quick post today to share with you two WIPS I’ve been working on this week. 

First up is my second Tea On The Green blanket - for my friend’s dad. I’m nearly finished. Just the border and stitching on the c2c panels and then flowers to add and stitch in the ends. 

I’ve loved making this blanket and can’t wait to hand it over very soon. 

My second project is more hexies in the Water Garden blanket. I’ve added more beads. 

That’s it for now but I’ll be blogging tomorrow with pictures of some gorgeous yarn that I received on Saturday off Etsy. 

Take care 
Tanya xx