Friday, 10 November 2017

Long time no post....

Hello everyone

Well I know I've not blogged for months and months, but I've been really busy and have been making the most of other social media platforms to chat with happy crafters and the like. 

But I'm back now and hopefully I should get to blogging maybe once a week or a couple of times a month.....who knows. 

Let me tell you what I've been up to whilst I've been absent from blogland.


1.  I had a big birthday in the summer and got a wonderful birthday present of a Townie bike and so spent every spare moment during the spring and summer (cos I got my present a little earlier than expected) taking in parks and other beautiful places and getting some fresh air and exercise and loved every minute of it.  But now that the nights are now darker earlier and winter is setting in I'm not able to get out and so she's been put to bed for a few months until the clocks go forward and the light nights come back.  So....hurry up winter and do one!!!

2.  Just before I turned **** I met up with some wonderful people through Facebook who have the same passion as me....crochet!!! and this has lead to a friendship with two lovely girls from Warrington and Widnes who are known as The Wee House of Crochet and Lynda's Craft Room.  They started a crochet CAL at the end of July and I joined in and have been to visit them at Hobbycraft Warrington to see them and also surprised Lisa from The Wee House of Crochet when she celebrated a big birthday too a few weeks ago.  It's been such a lovely summer chatting on Facebook with these two ladies and the lovely ladies that are joining in the CAL. 

If you would like to join in with the CAL please head on over HERE

3.  So the summer CAL has now finished, but there's still people joining us every day and not only that but we're now full swing into the second week of a Christmas Is...  CAL and I'm loving every minute of that.  I'll be posting pics of my progress over the next few weeks here on my blog. 

4.  And through Lynda and Lisa I also joined in with a charity crochetathon for called Daisies for Vicky on behalf of Victim Support.  This was such a fabulous day and the crochetathon is still ongoing.  You can find details on both the ladies' blogs (follow the links above) or on Facebook right HERE.  So much was raised in donations given by the public, both crocheters and non-crocheters alike.

5.  And I have still been doing my art work.  I've attended art group meetings and one week I came second in a little art challenge we had.  That really amazed me as I've only been going for eleven months!!!  I'll be sharing lots of my art work on my blog as well in forthcoming posts.  I'm busy working on a few pieces at the moment that will be in the art club sale in December.  But more about them soon.

6.  And finally, I've been working hard as a volunteer at a Hospice and did a 10 mile walk for them in July and was in the first 20 over the finish line.  I love working there and meeting a variety of people from all different backgrounds and working there is a refreshing change to anything I've ever experienced before. You may think of hospices as being sad places, but they're really not they are comforting warm and very very dedicated places with the most wonderful caring staff.  I can't believe I've been there since March. 

So that's a little bit about why there's been blog silence and I'll have a bit of a catch up to do, but I'll  get there and probably schedule a few posts for the next week.  And I think the blog is due for a revamp as well, so watch this space....

Take care
Tanya xxx


The Wee House of Crochet said...

So lovely!!!!

Sum of their Stories said...

You've been so busy. It's lovely to hear how much you are enjoying your crochet now. Meeting 'virtual' blogging friends in real life is so much fun.