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WOYWW - Wednesday 29th April 2015

Well, we're half way through another week and as I was really busy last week with one thing and another I didn't do a WOYWW post - tut tut tut.

But I'm back now and have a few things to show you:

First of all I've finished the second bookfolding I'd started a few weeks ago and here it is:

It is decorated on the outside with faux pearls and lovely wallpaper featuring gold writing and birds and roses and finished off on the top of the book with faux pearls dotted about and a ribbon trimming that says the word 'Love' on it.  My customer is really pleased with it.  

I've now started another one and this is on my desk today to do a little bit more:


Also on my desk today is a new crochet book from Rowan called 'Holiday Crochet'.  I've never bought a Rowan book before and when I saw this one at Black Sheep Wools over the weekend I was totally smitten with all the beautiful designs in it and have chosen to do one of them first for me and bought the white yarn called Rowan Creative Linen which now needs winding into balls from the skeins it has come in.  So at some point today my winding machinery will be coming out and whirring away.

I've also printed out some of the latest release design sheets from Polka Doodles called Twiggy & Toots and you can find them HERE:

The collection is available as a CD and now a Download and individual design sheets can also be purchased too.  Just head on over to the website for a nosey.  The full collection includes digis that are coloured and black and white to colour yourself together with embellishments and matching papers and lots of other things as well.  It's another fantastic collection!!!

These are the sheets I've printed out to make some cards from today:

Anyway, that's me for today.

Why not leave me a message as to what you're up to today on your crafting desk.

Take care
Tanya xx 


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