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Happy Holiday

Hello everybody

So a few weeks ago we got back from a lovely ten day break in Alcudia, Majorca.

We always go at the same time every year but normally only for a week, but this year we stayed for a few extra days.

The weather wasn't brilliant and it did do quite a lot of raining, but when the sun came out it was gorgeously warm and seemed warmer than it had been on previous holidays.

While we were there it was the inaugural Iron Man Majorca competition which although disrupted our holiday as they took over the beach and and lots of roads were closed and so our usual routine of lounging around on the beach was disturbed, it was a spectacle to see.  It was a full Iron Man competition so consisted of 140.6 miles over three areas of swimming, cycling and a full marathon.

Now that we're back into the routine of work and life I just thought I'd pop on and show you some of the pictures we took.  Hope you enjoy looking.

The back of the hotel and the swimming pool only a stone's throw away from the town centre and within walking distance of the old Alcudia town.

Panoramic shots of the lovely beach where the Iron Man was setting up.

The church in the old town

and the town hall

Another shot of the beautiful beach from the harbour side.

And the sunny blue sky bathing the lovely beach.

And the beautiful sky of an evening

And not forgetting the runners and cyclists participating in the Iron Man Competition

Bye for now
Take care
Tanya x 


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