Saturday, 30 August 2014

Dyeing Yarn Part Three

Morning folks.

The weather is looking a bit iffy while I write this blog post but it may clear up later on just like it did last weekend.

Anyway, it's been a few weeks since I did any blog posts about my dyeing yarn experiments so I thought I'd give u a bit of an update and share a couple more with you that I did a few weeks ago when the weather was warm enough to get the yarn dry.

When I was looking through my extensive yarn stash I found this Patons Fairytale Dreamtime 3ply yarn that I had bought for a project many moons ago and so I decided as it was 100% wool it would be just perfect.  First off all I caked it up into little parcels and then soaked in water.

Once I thought it had soaked for long enough I boiled some water and white vinegar in an old pan and once it was simmering I then immersed the four caked balls of yarn into the dye bath which I'd added navy blue food colouring to it.

I then left them soaking in the dye bath until they had cooled down and the yarn had soaked up the majority of the colour.  I then put them outside to dry off for a little bit.

I then skeined the caked yarn up and put them on the line to dry

I then got to thinking that the yarn looks like a summer sky with the blue and the white fluffy clouds and so here goes the yarn in a collage type thingy to show off the beautiful blue shades.  I've called the yarn 'Fluffy Clouds Blue Skies'.

I just need a project for the yarn now but in the meantime I'm just happy looking at the beautiful colours.

A few weeks ago I found a yarn shop called Fine Yarns in Horwich that sold handspun local yarn by Natural Lancashire Farm Wool that was perfect for dyeing and was very reasonably priced so I bought two skeins of 100gm double knitting weight to dye using food colouring and white vinegar again.

I caked the skeins up into two parcels and soaked them into a dye bath of water and white vinegar

and some food colouring called Lemon/Lime and Melon mixed together 

As this time the yarn was dry as I hadn't previously soaked it, the dye was soaked up straight away by the dry wool

I then re-skeined it using my yarn swift and left it to dry on the line outside.

The day after when it was fully dry I then made up another dye bath of lime green food colouring which I made up from the Lemon/Lime and Melon and a touch of blue Dr Oetker food dye too.  And then I submerged just half of the length of the skein into the dye bath and left it to cool.

Once dried outside the green and the yellow showed through and reminds me of lemon and limes, so I've named it Zesty Fruit.  Just need a pattern that will show off the gradients of colour so I think a nice cowl and maybe some arm warmers/fingerless gloves.  Just need to find the right pattern.

Hope you've enjoyed looking at my dyeing experiments.  I have a few more to share with you too so keep a look out in the next few weeks for them.

Have a nice day folks.

Take care
Tanya x 

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