Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Dyeing Yarn Part One

Hello everyone 

You may remember that I posted about going to Woolfest in June and that I bought some undyed yarn. 

Well for the past few weeks I've been experimenting with different dyeing methods. 

For the first dyeing experiment I'm going to share with you I used the yarn I bought from DT Craft & Design which is a 75% superwash merino/20% nylon/5% silver stellina 4 ply sock yarn. It's so soft and very sparkly in the right light. 

I used some food colouring in purple, orange, blue and green. I knew from the start that they weren't going to be very strong and as I wanted to create something pastel coloured it was ideal. 

I soaked my yarn in some lukewarm water for an hour and whilst waiting I mixed the four dyes with some water and a bit of white vinegar (this provides the citric acid that binds the colour to the yarn when heat is added). 

I then squeezed the excess water from the yarn and then dipped it into the four colours leaving some yarn resting in between.  

I then put the glasses and yarn into the microwave for 1 minute bursts until the water had gone clear in each of the glasses. 

I then let the yarn cool down for a couple of hours and then rinsed it in the sink in some soapy water and hung it outside to dry.

Once dry I then wound it into a ball ready to use.

I just love the subtle colours the food dye created and now thinking of a project to make.

I'll be back very soon with another dyeing experiment. 

Thank you for looking. 

Take care
Tanya xx

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