Saturday, 19 July 2014

Using A Drop Spindle

Morning all

Well the lovely sunshine from the past two days has disappeared and this morning we've woken up to grey skies and rain. Boo!!!  Let us have the sunshine back please, pretty please. It makes the world a better place and everyone seems so much more happier and friendlier.

Anyway, while we're waiting for the sun to return I thought I'd share with you my spinning news.

As an avid knitter and crocheted I've always been interested in yarns and so that's why my recent visits to Woolfest were like a dream to me. It seems a natural progression for me that I'd want to spin my own yarns. The satisfaction of having spun something that is now being used to knit or crochet with makes me squeal with delight.

So last year I bought a drop spindle as a spinning wheel is a considered purchase and is something I want in the future.  Drop spindles are so much more cheaper and a joy to use. Or so I thought. I really couldn't get to grips with it at all. I watched You a tube videos and read about it and just thought it was something I wouldn't sadly be able to conquer.

That was until Woolfest this year when I came across a lovely lady called Louise from Spin City UK.

She had the most amazing drop spindles and I really needed one when I saw it so I asked Louise if she had time to show me what to do and she did, bless her. Very patient and informative too, Louise was able to guide me through where I was going wrong and informed me of the park and draft method which I hadn't heard of.

I bought some rainbow merino silk in gorgeous blue tones from Wingham Wool Works and a lovely drop spindle from Louise and went on my merry way.

However back in our hotel I tried and tried but could not get it at all.

So back to day two of Woolfest and I approached Louise again with fibre fluff and spindle in hand. And voila like magic she had me spinning and I'm pleased to report that I've been having a go for the past week and am in love love love with it.

I still need to get the yarn to be uniformed in thickness but I'm quite liking the thick and thin bits. I'm hoping once it's all been spun and I've spun a peachy merino silk fibre too that I can ply them together to make a beautiful yarn that I'll use to make something for myself.

Here is a picture of my progress.

Pop back soon to see what else I've managed to spin.

Thanks for looking.

Take care.

Tanya xx

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