Thursday, 29 May 2014

Absence Explained....We've been away

Hello everybody

Sorry for the absence in the past month, but we've been away for a little bit of relaxation and rejuvenation in the sunnier and warmer climes of Sharm El Sheikh.

We have holidayed here for the past six years and have always had a fab time.  We have always chosen the Baron Palms Hotel but this year we had a change and went to the hotel next door - the five star Thomson Sensatori.

We witnessed this hotel being refurbished and rebuilt three years ago and so knew it was going to be an absolutely beautiful hotel and ever since it was built we have looked at it and always gone back to the Baron.  However, a good deal was found for this year's holiday and so we holidayed there and it was THE best holiday we have been on in ages (barring the Maldives and Mexico that is).

From the night we arrived we were treated very well indeed by the lovely staff who were very professional and attentive.

Our room was situated in the family part of the hotel, but even though we thought it would be noisy, it was anything but.  Yes, there were children there but we hardly noticed.  Our room overlooked the family pool and a bit of a play area and slides for the children and adults alike, together with a lunch time eating place and was absolutely stunning.

A short walk away down some corridors and steps took us to the main area where the Al A Carte restaurants were and the main buffet restaurant and a lobby and several seating areas to chill out either on a veranda or inside by the piano.  Just down the steps was the main pool area split into four different areas for children, activities and an absolutely gorgeous infinity pool.

If you were lucky enough to be able to afford it, you could also have a swim up room located on the beach front or around the adult only exclusive area which comprised of a pool and gorgeous double wooden bed structures.  There was also a portion of the beach for adults only with ample comfy beds to lie on and shade too.

The sea was gorgeous, as always, but some days the water was so far out that little sand banks had developed and it was possible to walk out for quite a distance with the water only coming as far as your ankles or shins at best.  Some days when the wind was blowing strong (and it did quite a lot) the hotel's own jetty was closed but when it was open I went for a walk down it and snapped some pictures of lion fish and other fish.  We've never seen lion fish in Egypt before so this was a shock.

The days were spent on the beach relaxing and reading and crocheting (of course) lapping up the warmth from the sun.  The nights were spent eating and sometimes we saw the evening entertainment in the purpose built theatre where the entertainment staff put on evenings of song and dance and some tribute acts were flown in for one night only performances.  The piano bar also provided entertainment in the evening.  Our evenings were very relaxed and spent most of the time sleeping and chilling out.

Anyway here are some photos we took that I would like to share with you all.

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