Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Craft Room

Hello all

Thought you might all like to see some photos of my craft room where all the things I sell are created.

The room is packed with storage and lots of my favourite nick nacks and ornaments and really is somewhere to chill out.  I love the colour pink and so naturally the walls and lots of the storage feature pink and my second favourite colour is lime green and so the combination of the two colours goes really well together and the room is lovely and bright to craft in.

This is my comfy chair by the window where I do my knitting, crocheting and cross stitch or just read.  The storage behind my chair contains magazines that I collect together with my Cricut and Cuttlebug and an area to the left set up with a light box to photograph my items.


This area next to my comfy chair is my main working area with a fab desk I bought two years ago from Storage 4 Crafts on the internet and together with shelving and storage within the desk houses all the things I need daily.  The lamp above my desk has a daylight bulb in so I can get colour matches and things correct when I'm crafting late at night.


The desk has a clear top on it so I can see easily what I have and where it is and is where I keep all my glitters, glues and inks readily to hand.  My lovely bar stool in lime green was a present from my mum and dad and sits on top of a pink and silver sparkly rug.  The TV in the corner keeps me company and the pink storage baskets on the desk house all my work in progresses.  You may be able to see to the right of the picture an MDF storage container.  This has been assembled and provides storage for my scissors and rulers and other tools and is waiting to be decorated all pink and green and sparkly (May get round to doing this in the Christmas break).



Opposite my desk I have another desk with four drawers for more storage and shelves with my CD crafts on and my many craft books.  In the right hand side of the picture is a large cream vase with cut out hearts where all my knitting needles are stored.  Love being organised and having everything on hand for when creativity springs to mind.


To the right of my desk I have another storage bit which houses my printer and also my favourite knitting and crochet books as well as two pink storage boxes crammed with stamps and stencils and my encaustic wax kit.  On the top of the picture you can see my cottons stored on a lovely little holder that is made from pink wire in the shape of a sewing machine.  My sewing machine is stored in the cupboard under my desk.

I just love being in my room and the bright colour makes even the dullest and rainiest of days seem bright and cheerful.

Hope you have enjoyed looking around my crafting space. 


Take care

Tanya xx



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