Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Giveaway Winners

My giveaway launched on the 24th of August is now closed and as there were only two entrants and four prizes I have put the names in the hat twice and have drawn them as follows :


1st Prize Michelle Flower

2nd Prize Susan Bonnar (Dottie Designs)

3rd Prize Susan Bonnar (Dottie Designs)

4th Prize Michelle Flower


I know you ladies have blogs and Facebook and Twitter accounts so I will make attempts to contact you in some way to obtain your address details and get the cards sent off to you as soon as I can.

Well done ladies and I hope you like your prizes and so do the people who you choose to send them too.

Watch out for more giveaways in the following months.


Tanya xx

1 comment:

Michelle Flower said...

Hello Tanya!!

I didn't even realise I had entered a Give Away! Don't worry about sending them sweety, beautiful as your creations are! It will save you a little on postage too :)

I decided to have a few weeks off from Twitter and FB! I just got distracted all the time, so I thought if I de-activated them I wouldn't be tempted!

I shall be back soon on FB but not on Twitter. Although I have got another Twitter Account just for my Hand Makes, hopefully this link might work - if not, try Mrs Flo or @thecraftmarquee.

I am now following you on Bloglovin, so I won't miss you again :)
Michelle xxx