Saturday, 24 August 2013

Drum Roll....

Hello and welcome to the brand new blog for Occasions & Creations.

It’s been a long time coming but lots of work has been going on behind the scenes since we decided to no longer create greetings cards. Serious thoughts were had over the Christmas period 2012 as to what we could do to extend our website and so we decided that a whole new logo and new name was the only way forward.
We wanted to not only just create cards, we wanted to step outside the box and extend our repertoire to everything else we considered possible. Therefore steps were put in place to source lots of new fabby materials and equipment and learn a few new hobbies: sewing and crochet to name a few.
A new Twitter account was set up first and then a website sourced from  Then came the busy time of creating a whole fabby new collection of handcrafted goodies. Meanwhile a Facebook account was started to try and elicit followers, likers and people to bookmark the website for the future.
Over a period of six months lots of items were created and photos were taken and descriptions written and while it has taken a long time to sort out, we are happy with the  way the website is looking and has grown over the past few months.
In order to gain some more followers on Twitter we have recently held a giveaway of a set of Christmas cards and as the interest was high we decided at the last minute not to have just one winner, but have five, with four runners up prizes.
So it only seems fair that we have a giveaway to launch our blog as well.
There are four prizes in total:  

First Prize

3 House Mouse Decoupaged Christmas Cards all measuring 8x8 inches and finished off to a high standard with a length of ribbon on the spine and gems of various colours and sizes all with white envelopes and left blank inside. This prize has a value of £12 if they were to be sold on our website. 

Second Prize:
*      2 House Mouse Decoupaged Christmas Cards measuring 8x8 inches and finished off to a high standard with a length of ribbon and gems all with white envelopes and left blank inside.  This prize has a value of £8 if they were to be sold on our website.  


Third Prize:
*      3 slimline Christmas cards measuring approximately 4x8 inches and featuring cartoony style images of a girl wrapped up for winter, a Santa, and a postbox all on a embossed backdrop of dots all with white envelopes and left blank inside.  This prize has a value of £7.50 if they were to be sold on our website. 

Fourth Prize:
*      2 slimline Christmas cards measuring approximately 4x8 inches and featuring a stencilled image in green and red pearlescent inks finished off with silver highlights to the centres of the flowers with white envelopes and left blank inside.  This prize has a value of £5.00 if they were to be sold on our website. 

So, you may be asking what you need to do to enter the giveaway. 
Well, first of all you need to be a follower of our blog by whatever means.  Google Reader has apparently changed now and there are many ways of following blogs including BlogLovin. 
You then need to leave us a message on our blog (this post) to say how you found us and what you think of our website and what is your favourite item/card/stationery.  If you have a Facebook page or a Twitter account please also invite your followers/likers to come along and join in the giveaway of over £30 worth of stock to celebrate our first blog post and the opening of the website.  The more followers of the blog the more fun we can have and in turn you will be spreading the word of our passion and love for handcrafted items and stepping away from the highstreet mass produced items.
Please let us know on your post the details of your Facebook page (if you have one, so we can pay you a visit) or leave your Twitter name and then we can in turn follow you. Let's spread the love!!!
Please pop along to our website when you have a minute and fill in the guestbook section with a little comment about how you think our website looks etc.  All comments would be welcome.  Our guestbook is looking good at the moment with lots of lovely feedback.
Our website can be found HERE
Our Facebook page can be found HERE
Our Twitter account is @OccsAndC

Entry closing date is Saturday 28th Sept 2013.

We hope to do a blog post at least once a week and this will be an update on what our website has to offer and also crafting projects and especially with our card making we will be having tutorials with step by steps and also updates on our crocheting and knitting projects as well as what life is throwing to us at the moment.
Please pop by often and don’t forget to tell all your friends about us as the more the merrier.
We would also be happy to feature you if you are a handcrafter in a blog spot and if this is something you are interested in then please get in touch with us through our contact section on our website.
Love Tanya
Occasions & Creations


Michelle Flower said...

Looking really good Tanya :)

Will you be joining Bloglovin so we can all follow you from there? You can find the Widgets etc. here ...
Michelle x

Occasions & Creations said...

Hi Michelle. Thank you so much for popping over and visiting my brand new blog and my first post. It's great that somebody has visited cos I had wondered about doing a blog or not. Onwards and upwards is what I say with my new website and everything. Times are changing and I'm excited to be on a new venture and hope to get many many more followers. Have just registered with Bloglovin so should be able to be found over there now. Have started following some new blogs in the meanwhile and hope that my blog grows from strength to strength. Your name will be added to the entries for the cards. Keep your fingers crossed :-)

SusanBonnar DottieDesigns said...

Hi Tanya! Your blog looks great - as does your website :) I don't do "blog lovin" but can't see a button to follow you in the old fashioned way! Do you know how? I follow you on Twitter and Instagram & Fb. I love this Very clever!

Have left a comment in your guest book!

Going to tweet a link to your giveaway now and share via google plus :)

Good luck with everything - you have worked so hard!

Dottie x

Occasions & Creations said...

Thank you so much for visiting Susan/Dottie and leaving such lovely comments. Thanks for visiting my guest book on website too. Yes, lots of work and more work to come too. This is gonna be a great venture for me, I can feel it!!! Yes, BlogLovin I think is the only way of following blogs now as Google ceased a few months ago. It's easy to set up a Bloglovin account and you can import all the blogs you already followed into it. And then you can add the Bloglovin link to your own blog so people can follow. It means you don't miss any updates from the blogs you follow because you get sent an email when an update happens. Thanks for sharing my blog on Google Plus and for following me on Twitter, Instagram and FB.